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We here at the Wine Seller, being that this is one of THE Oldest and Finest (we like to believe) Bottle Shops in Washington State…come from an era of being able to afford those “Pedigreed” Bordeaux…and tasted many way back when…so now, we feel we can maintain a great Selection of this, one of the World’s most Classic Wines, in some lesser known Chateaux at Fantastic Values!


Stop in often and Browse our vast, eclectic,

and often changing Selection of “Palate Selected” Wines, Bubblies, Beers; Port/Sherry and lots more…which is just scratchin’ the surface of what The Wine Seller® has or can get (with a quick phone call or text to our suppliers) at any given time…and remember too…

A pretty vast Selection for all tastes and budgets…in our gorgeous old “Bricks & Mortar” Wine Shop. (Beer, Bubbly and Cider too…) as well as Cheese and Deli...Chocolates...even Cigars!

A dazzling array of Pinots, from Oregon, California and France



The Wine Seller® acts as a

Wine and Beer Broker” as well, and we do do a lot of Special ordering for our clients!

Sorry…No SALES TO OTHER RETAILERS OR WHOLESALERS, we know there are some incredible prices and wines here, we do get some amazing DEALZ, however,  Washington State Liquor Laws limit us to only sell to individuals…OCCASSIONALLY TO select RESTAURANTS TOO…but the RESTAURANTS usually buy from some of the same distributors WE DEAL WITH…but we DO get some special deals and close outs that no one else gets or has.

( the Wine Seller generally does not supply wine, beer or cider to most local restaurants.they buy from the same distributors and wineries we do.)

(prices subject to change without notice)

Castle Rock, Columbia Valley (Washington) Syrah. $9.99/btl. (Reg. $11) Deep, dark berry aromas and flavors, A real Value red, especially with Mixed, Whole and 1/2 case discounts! While it lasts! MENTION THIS WEB DEAL AND TAKE IT for only $7.99”net”/btl.


Thinkin’ INSIDE the Box….Cotes du Rhone Red and Rosé, Bota Bricks (1.5litre) and 3 litre, Vina Borgia Garnacha….delicious, well made wines. In the “bag in a box” MOST ARE UNDER $20/BOX    OUR SELECTION OFTEN CHANGES THOUGH

 Mixed Cases as low as $49.99* and up…$AVE BIG! Have Fun! Drink well and enjoy some variety!…WINE NOT…

Grab an empty Box (right side of cooler) and Get Busy!

Fill it up as you browse…or pick our brains for Enological Guidance and advice!

You give us your preferences and budget, and we’ll see what we can do for YOU!

and Mix-A- Case

Special "Pre-Made" MIXED CASES $89.99 "net"

Special  Pre-Made MIXED CASES $89.99 “net” or even less..or more..??



just  the “tip of the Iceberg” of our Specials….stop in and browse!

Over 1000 different wines and a constantly changing Selection!



Conundrum Red Blend 2015! SPECIAL DEAL only $17.99/btl.
(Reg.$22.99) that’s about the lowest price in the whole country now!! (And only $14.93 with FULL WINEAUX CLUB Discounts!! All other 6-12 btls mixed of whole case discounts apply too*!!)


Conundrum Red Blend 2015! SPECIAL DEAL only $17.99/btl.

(Reg.$22.99) that’s about the lowest price in the whole country now!! (And only $14.93 with FULL WINEAUX CLUB Discounts!! All other 6-12 btls mixed of whole case discounts apply too*!!)

TASTING NOTES: Sourced from premier California winegrowing regions, Conundrum Red features dark red varietals including Zinfandel and Petite Sirah. It is rich, complex and approachable. With lush flavors of cherries and baking chocolate, this wine has fine tannins that create a silky smoothness. Be daring and drink Conundrum Red chilledto enhance its fruit profile and enjoy it any time of year! Wine Not…🍷🍷


Harken Chardonnay, bringing back to the classic "Buttery" Oaky -Style Chardonnay!! Luscious, Delicious and well balanced!

Harken Chardonnay, $15.99

Harken Chardonnay,

“Harkening”  back to the classic “Buttery Oaky/Barrel-Fermented -Style Chards that seem to have all but disappeared…!! Luscious, Delicious Buttery, Oaky California Chardonnay…and still quite well balanced!

Only $15.99/btl (reg. $22) (only $13.27 with Full Wineaux Discounts!! other regular discounts apply for regular purchases as well, for non members)


One of our favorite domestic (California) “Champagnes”…
could lose this one in ablind tasting of REAL FRENCH
Champagne…only $19.99/btl (and only $16.59 with Full Wineaux Club)


Henriot Champagne only $37.99/btl  (Reg. $55.99 and only $31.53 with Full Wineaux Club)  The Brut Souverain of the Champagne House Henriot has a bright and sparkling golden straw-coloured robe. Its effervescence offers persistent and fine bubbles. On the nose, a fragrance of citrus fruit and yellow fruit surprises by its freshness and character. Afterwards, more floral notes (flowers of the vineyards) and pastry aromas (bun, toasted bread and almonds) enhance the scent of the bouquet. On the palate, the attack surprises by its boldness and vibrant freshness. Rich flavours of pastries, vanilla and fruits are emphasised. This structured champagne closes on a refreshing finish and citrus notes.

Baron Fuente Champagne, only $29.99/btl ( and only $24.89 with Full Wineaux Club)
Chardonnay 30%
Pinot Meunier 70%
This blend is the perfect illustration of the Meunier from the Marne Valley.
It grows undivided along the river banks of CHARLY SUR MARNE. It’s mostly the Meunier grape which imparts this special flavour to the Brut TRADITION
Light yellow in colour with very fine mousse. The bouquet is discreet and elegant with note of brioche and candied or stewed fruits, with a light honey aroma. The mouth is supple and well balanced. Unctuous with a good length in the mouth.
Best serve with:
The perfect Champagne for the aperitif which one would require for special occasions or as a cocktail. It lends itself as the ideal partner to salmon on toast.

Special $29.99 ( only $24.89 with Full Wineaux Club Discounts) Franc’es #1 Selling Champagen, and with a full 3 years on the yeast, it’s no wonder! Regular  price $46.99
Delicious REAL French! France’s #1 Selling Champagne!

Dom Perignon $194.99 ( only $161.85 with Full Wineaux Club Discounts!) or combine with other wines and/or champagnes for 6-12 bottle discounts!

Sacristie de la Vieille Cure Fronsac 2012 Only $19.99 (Reg.$23.99)
Fronsac is a relatively small appellation of Bordeaux on the right bank and is often a good source of delicious and affordable Bordeaux. Vieille Cure is one of the leading Fronsac properties and has performed exceptionally well in recent years. The wine is rich, expressive and complex, merlot (75%) gives it lots of rich fruit while cabernet franc confers a fine tannic structure, graphite notes and a spicy, peppery finish that lingers.This estate’s consistent quality is now considered among the best of the appellation.
Regular Price $23.99
Now only $19.99 + all applicable discounts while it lasts!
The “Cure” for the Holiday “Blur”.

Elk Cove 2014 Pinot Noir. 92 points from James Suckling and great press from Robert Parker too!
$29.99/btl (and only $24.59 with Full Wineaux Club Discounts)back to home page

Sonoma Cutrer RR

Reg.$24.99/btl. (Mention this Web Deal: only $19.99/btl.)


(Mention this Web Deal: only $19.99/btl.”net”)

Sonoma Cutrer Russian River Ranches is a cuvee of wines crafted from several estate vineyards, each distinct in its own right and together, adding complexity to the blend. Vine Hill features nutrients so the vines struggle and concentrate flavor in small berries with limited yields. Shiloh and Kent vineyards add their own unique attributes, bringing backbone and a depth of elegance to the wine. The storied Cutrer vineyard provides age-ability and notable tropical fruit character. A mixture of clones and root stocks matched by experience to the soils in each vineyard assure a cornucopia of flavors that result in a legendary wine that is consistent vintage to vintage, and always among the finest offered in any given year.

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Daulny, Sancerre

daulney-sancerre-bottle        Could Sauvignon Blanc be any more “Classic” than Sancerre from France’s Loire Valley?? And Domaine Daulny is a truly fine example of this famous Dry White!

Only $19.99/btl. ( $16.59 with Full Wineaux Discounts…and of course, other Discounts for quantity to non Wineaux Club Folks) Reg. $25.99

Tasting Notes:  “Made from 40-year-old Sauvignon Blanc vines, this Sancerre captures the essence of the grape with floral, mineral and ground coffee bean aromas and grapefruit, white peach flavors. A small percentage was aged in older oak but the fruit from this vineyard is powerful enough to absorb it, giving the wine a bit of texture and body. With bright acidity and fruit, this is a great wine to have with a fish dish cooked with fava beans as well as one where the favas are the main event.




Laya Spanish Red…only $9.99/btl

( only $8.29* with Full Wineaux)

Outrageously tasty blend of

Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell.

We love this wine!! Unbelievable pleasure, concentration and depth…and UNDER $10/btl!!

And their 2 higher level versions we often stock as well! a truly lovely Spanish Red! Check it out! 

Recently garnered a 92 point rating from James Suckling!!


Made from two quintessentially Mediterranean grapes, Garnacha Tintorera, or, as it is known outside Spain, Alicante Bouschet– and Monastrell (aka Mourvèdre), the red wine Laya is crafted by Bodegas Atalaya in Almansa, Albacete, a hot, dry region in South East Spain. The vines grow in limestone soils at an altitude between 700 and 1000 metres above sea level.

After a careful vinification process, Laya 2015 was aged for 4 months in French oak barrels.


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And FOR ANOTHER luscious, buttery, barrel fermented MEIOMI Chardonnay $19.99/btl

(reg. $21.99/btl)

(only $16.59 with full WINEAUX CLUB for the Chardonnay!)

meiomi Chard

Winemaker’s Notes Smooth, opulent layers of lemon peel and stone fruit are heightened by sweet smells of crème brûlée, butterscotch, baked apple, shortbread, roasted marshmallow, and spices. The mid-palate is fleshy and rich, followed by a clean, mineral finish. Dare we say a very “lush style” of Chardonnay somewhat reminiscent of Rombauer ONLY $19.99/BTL plus all applicable Discounts (reg. $21.99)



Meiomi Pinot Noir is Back!! so silky and delicious, and on dsale again for only $19.99/btl. Try their Oregon version too, Yummy! It’s called Elouan.


Classic Rhone Wines

Clos Lumieres CDR


Rhone Reds (and some other older vintages)

Gigondas, Lirac and Vacqueras Rhone Reds too!

Chateauneuf du Pape wines from $27.99/btl.

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Delicious crisp, Dry Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc, one of The Wine Seller’s BEST SELLERS, only $9.99/btl MENTION THIS WEB DEAL, ONLY $7.99 “net”/btl.

Delicious crisp, Dry Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc, one of The Wine Seller’s BEST SELLERS, only $9.99/btl
MENTION THIS WEB DEAL, take this for ONLY $7.99 “net”/btl.


CHAMPAGNE, PROSECCO and BUBBLIES (still plenty around..) 

and..we feel there is perhaps NO BETTER WAY to alleviate the “Winter Blues” than by crackin’ into a nice bottle of Bubbly!champagne sparkler bottle


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Screaming Deal on this Delicious, REAL French Champagne. made from 70% Pinot Meunier


and take it for only $23.99/btl “net”




Blend: 30 % Chardonnay – 70 % Meunier

This blend is the perfect illustration of the Meunier from the Marne Valley.
It grows undivided along the river banks of CHARLY SUR MARNE. It’s mostly the Meunier grape which imparts this special flavour to the Brut TRADITION

Light yellow in colour with very fine mousse. The bouquet is discreet and elegant with note of brioche and candied or stewed fruits, with a light honey aroma. The mouth is supple and well balanced. Unctuous with a good length in the mouth.

Best serve with:
The perfect Champagne for the aperitif which one would require for special occasions or as a cocktail. It lends itself as the ideal partner to salmon on toast.

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                Good “Cheap Bubbles”

Vega Median, CAVA from Spain

only $7.99/btl...or take advantage of our Special Case Price of only $69.99/case

(when you mention this web deal)


Great Value Spanish Bubbly! only $7.99/btl     Cava, pale yellow, bright and friendly bubble. In the nose displays intense aromas of ripe white fruit with subtle floral notes. On the palate it is long, sweet and complex, inviting a second drink. -Winemaker (reg $9.99)


Champagne/Cava Cellar…with “Riddling Racks”





(by Gordon Brothers)

only $11.99/btl (only $9.95 with Full Wineaux Club Discounts)

   Tasty, delicious, well made Washington Red Blend, only $11.99 plus all Discounts which can bring this wine to under $10/btl (Compare our price to Total Wine at $14.99, and Amazon at $12.99 plus shipping!) Kamiak Rock Lake Red 2012 by Gordon Brothers. Gordon Estate is known for estate grown and produced wines made under their own label. This Red blend is aged in French and American oak barrels for 16 months, which is a fairly lengthy aging process for a wine that lists for $14.99 and found for $11.99 at our shop, The Wine Seller. The different grapes were barrel aged separately and then blended together before bottling. The alcohol content is 13.8%.
Kamiak Rock Lake Red 2012 is a blend of 53% Syrah, 44% Merlot and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from vineyards in the Columbia Valley AVA of Washington. Kamiak is the entry-level label for Gordon Estates, a family owned winery founded in 1980.
Joe loves this value blend made by Gordon Brothers!

(We just featured the Gordon Brothers Malbec at our recent tasting, and it, too, was superb!)

The color of this Red Blend is a dark, but still see-thru crimson red. The nose is mix of ripe fruit and oak barrel seasoning, blackberry, plum, fudge brownie, oak spice, vanilla and a whiff of smoke. This wine has a welcoming softness to the fruit flavors, but still shows proper tannins and firm structure. It starts with blackberry, cherry, dark bitter chocolate and a little tobacco. The mid-palate adds blueberry, butterscotch and tart cranberry. The tannins are sensed but do not pull and the acidity is balanced by the body of this wine. The finish is full and long. This is one of those, now rare, value priced wines that will continue to improve for the next 4 or 5 years. Most wines in this price range are ready-to-go right now and won’t be that much better with time.

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vina borgia botlle and box

Vina Borgia, Garnacha. From Spain. With the colorful label! One of our “all time” most popular Reds.

Only $7.99/btl. and $19.99 3 Litre Box. (Discounts over that too!) Parker called this “perhaps the greatest wine value on the planet”!


Nicolas Feuillatte  CHAMPAGNE

only $29.99/btl

(and only $24.89* with Full Wineaux Discount) Reg: $46.99

Wine Spectator: 90 Points

Lightly floral and fresh, this offers pretty notes of ripe Gala apple and glazed apricot, layered with subtle hints of almond paste, piecrust, honey and ground spice. Shows fine balance and a lively mousse, leading to a lingering finish. Drink now through 2018. Tasted twice, with consistent notes.


Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne SPECIAL $29.99/btl. Just a Lovely bottle of REAL French Champagne . (reg full price $46.99)

Other Fine Washington Wines by


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  and our own Private Label ” Washington Wines:

The Port Townsend Collection

Only $12.99/btl. (all discounts too..!)

port Townsend Collection


Clayhouse , also in wooden boxes, for a limited time too! $14.99/btl. All case and Wineaux Discounts…Full cases gets you the beautiful sliding top wood box too!  The last batch is mostly SOLD OUT for now…WOOD BOXES

Adobe Clayhouse boxes 3Adobe Clayhouse boxes 2Adobe Clayhouse boxes 1back to top

  Camaraderie Wines

Camaraderie Cab label

Camaraderie  Merlot; and/or Madrona Blend  only $19.99/btl.*

Camaraderie Wines, from Port Angeles, WA. Some of the best Red Wines made on the Olympic Peninsula.

Madrona (Red Blend) and Merlot. only $19.99/btl  (only $16.59 with Full Wineaux Discounts!)


Can order others from Camaraderie Cellars too...like their Cab Franc; Cabernet Sauvignon; Grace; Elegance and more..

MENTION THIS WEB SPECIAL.. and take the Camaraderie   Madrona Blend

 at only $14.99 “net”/btl.

Compare that price to many other local retailers such as Safeway…we think you’ll be impressed!

The wines are really good too!

Bold and Full Bodies Reds…Don Corson, of Camaraderie Cellars is a very talented and experienced Wine maker!

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“The Ball Buster” by Tait.

Absolutely Delicious Aussie Red Blend!!!
90 points from both Robert Parker (The Wine Advocate) and Steven Tanzer.

Only $18.99/btl (only $15.76 with FULL WINEAUX CLUB DSICOUNTS)


Reg. $22.99/btl.
Winemaker’s Notes:
Deep Black Purple. Intense aromas of blackcurrent, Stewed plums, Cherry, and chocolate. Full bodied berry palate with a sweet long lasting finish.
Blend: 75% Shiraz, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Merlot

Ball Buster

“The Ball Buster” by Tait. Delicious, Full Bodies Shiraz Based Aussie Blend.

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Rose’s up the “Wazu”…and other stuff too!!

We love these “Dry Style” Rose’sany time of year!! Even in Winter…

starting at only $8.99/btl






Line 39 Pinot Noir


Line 39, Pinot Noir $11.99/btl Regular $14.99

(only $9.95 with Full Wineaux Club Discounts*)

One of The Wine Seller’s® best selling Pinots!
We get lots of case orders for this delicious, soft, silky Pinot!!  Try some soon and see what all the fuss is about.

  • Winemaker’s Notes Line 39 Pinot Noir:

    This fruit-driven Pinot Noir has fresh fruit and herbal with rich flavors of raspberries and black cherries on the palate and soft, supple tannins. This Pinot Noir pairs well with lamb, pork and pasta dishes.

Lots of other Great and Delicious Pinots always in stock and/or available for Special Order 



This South of France 100% Colombard is a lovely French dry white, perfect for any seafood dish. One of The Wine Seller’s® most popular White wines!

100% Colombard harvested at night. Montgravet has a pale, bright yellow color, with a very intense and refreshing nose. It displays flavors of citrus fruit and blackcurrant leaf. This wine will express itself best as an aperitif or with any seafood. Serve chilled at 50° F



(only $7.47 with “Full Wineaux Club”) 

Montgravet comes from vineyards located in the Gascony region, near the city of Toulouse in the South West of France. The climate combines the Oceanic and Mediterranean influences, which brings enough sun and humidity to grow rich, concentrated and ripe grapes. Close to the producers, and in order to source the best vineyards, our winemaker has found some amazing “terroirs” spread on hills. These hills are called “Mont” in French. So as a tribute to the terroir from where the wine comes from we have named in Mont Gravet, “Gravet” being the name of an oval shaped rock commonly found in the area.



 BOGLE “ESSENTIAL RED” only $8.99*


Bogle Essential Red

Bogle “Essential Red” one of the “Hottest” Red Blends on the Market Today! $11.99/btl


Wine Enthusiast

 *MENTION THIS WEB DEAL, Bogle “Essential Red” Only $8.99/btl.”net” Special. may require pre-order at this price. We run out occasionally.

(Reg. Full Retail $11.99,  in store price $10.99)

Wine Enthusiast – California- “This dry red blend is as sophisticated, structured and balanced as many high-end Cabernets. Made from old-vine Zin, with Syrah, Cabernet and Petite Sirah as well, it has a deep, exotic aroma of dark fruit plus cedar and cardamom. WINE ENTHUSIAST “Best Buy”

Wine Enthusiast TOP 100 WINES!

(in a previous vintage…)

May Require Pre Orderas this, and many of our Specials, can Sell Out of Stock at the “Drop of a Hat”, but we can usually get more in within a day to a week!

(*prices subject to change without notice)

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McManis Cabernet Sauvignon recently received a 90 point Rating in The Wine Enthusiast. This is still our “Best Selling” Cabernet! And for good reason…It’s delicious!

on ALL McManis Wines of only $10.99/btl. reg. $11.99) What’s not to Love??

McManis Cab Sav

Richness, Depth, and generosity are good traits of this full-bodied but smooth textured Cabernet. Light Oak accents don’t cover up the ripe, juicy, almost jammy blackberry and cherry flavors that fill the mouth and linger on the palate. It’s an all-around crowd pleaser…” Wine Enthusiast

Other McManis wines received 88-89 points in the same publication.

Petite Sirah; Viognier; Pinot Noir; Chardonnay; Merlot and more…all only $10.99 /btl.

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Dow's Vintage Port, Portugal labelDOW’S 1994 VINTAGE PORTO

(while it lasts. limited to stock on hand)


 Powerful, refined and luscious, with a surplus of dark plum, kirsch and cassis flavors that are unctuous and long. Shows plenty of grip, presenting a long, full finish, filled with Asian spice and raspberry tart accents. Rich and chocolaty. One for the ages.


$124.99/btl (only $103.74 with Full Wineaux Club Price)


Moutard  REAL FRENCH CHAMPAGNE only $26.99/btl. “net”(reg. $34.99)

(cash/check preferred at this Special Price)

WHEN YOU MENTION THIS WEB DEAL (or are a current member of our Wineaux Gregarious Discount Club)

Moutard Champagne

Moutard REAL FRENCH CHAMPAGNE only $26.99/btl. “net” (reg. $34.99) WHEN YOU MENTION THIS WEB DEAL (or are a current member of our Wineaux Gregarious Discount Club)

Moutard Champagne Grande Cuvee Brut is a sparkling wine gem carrying on a family tradition of Champagne growers/winemakers dating to 1642. The families of Champagne Moutard Diligent have been living in the village of Buxeuil since the mid 17th century, and have a long tradition of both grape growing and wine production. Located in the Côte des Bar, the vineyard soils are made up of clays and limestones, lending to rich, fruity aromas and good minerality. Champagnes are cellar-aged for at least three years for non-vintage wines and up to ten and fifteen years for vintage wines. This beautiful Champagne of 100% Pinot Noir received outstanding scores of 90 from Wine Spectator and Tanzer and 92+ from Jon Gilman.

Moutard Champagne Grande Cuvee Brut is bright yellow-gold in color, complex and nuanced, with fine, intense bubbles. It has a seductive bouquet of pears, grilled almonds, mineral notes and apple pie followed by rich flavors of ripe stone fruits, honey and buttered toast. This Champagne has a remarkably long, delicate finish.

Enjoy Moutard Champagne Grande Cuvee Brut as the perfect aperitif and with any epicurean meal, including desserts.

Moutard Champagne, only $26.99/btl. “net” 


“Too much of Anything can be bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” Mark Twain

WHEN YOU MENTION THIS WEB DEAL (or are a current member of our Wineaux Gregarious Discount club, which means…you ALWAYS GET THE SECRET PRICE, whether you saw the deal or not. It pays to be a Wineaux Gregarious Club Member. Only $25/year

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Great selection now on South of France and Rhone Reds, including some fantastic Chateauneuf du Pape reds, Minervois; Languedoc/Rousillon, Corbieres, Madiran and more!


Chateau Beaucastel, Chateauneuf du Pape


Clos Lumieres CDR

Le Clos des Lumieres, Cotes du Rhone Rouge (nice White too) ONLY $9.99



Rose’s…we got lots of ’em! FROM $6.99/BTL.

lots of DRY-STYLE ROSE’S quite tasty any day!

Stop in TODAY for some fine Dry Rose’We always have some around…Yes, and while we often think of these lovely “Dry-Style” Rose’s as wonderful  all year long we could drink Rose’ any time of year as a cocktail wine or with many different foods. New shipments arriving weekly!


 Dry Rose’..Perfect for every day!

not just for Summer anymore!

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Some Current Specials


Rare, hard to find or obtain Washington wines such as Five Star Cellars; Walla Walla Vintners; Fielding Hills; Gorman; Smasne; and of course…some of the legendary ones like Leonetti Cellar, Quilceda Creek, Andrew Will and Woodward Canyon.




just   2 for $7.99*


Crane Lake Wines, Many Varietals, “Not Bad For the money” Mix and Match Varietals

 just   2 for $7.99*

CRANE LAKE WINES only 2 for $7.99 Mix and Match!

Our best Selling Wines!  And for good reason…they’re decent wines with good varietal character, and they’re an Amazing Value, from the same company (Bronco Wines) that make “2-buck Chuck” (Charles Shaw Wines) for Trader Joe’s..(but most of our customers agree, the CRANE LAKE WINES are a noticeable notch up in quality and character.

Crane Lake offers a Mind Boggling assortment of varietals. Cabernet; Petite Sirah; Sauvignon Blanc; Merlot; Chardonnay; Pinot Grigio; Pinot Noir; Moscato; Riesling; Shiraz; Gewurztraminer; Sangiovese; and more…

(*$3.81/btl Full Wineaux Club Price, or $4.59/btl single btl)

             Mix or Match!

 and occasionally some other Temporary or limited Close Out Dealz wind up in our 2 for $7.99 pile as well…

Perfectly “drinkable wines” at yesteryear prices…

and even tho there may always be wine we’d prefer to drink, The Wine Seller would not sell any wine that we wouldn’t drink!


Attention all Burgundy (whites and reds) aficionados…(you know who you are)…current and some older vintages available either in stock, or special ordered.

6 x Bourgogne red

Burgundy…Pommard; Santenay; Savigny-Les_Beaune; Gevrey-Chambertin; Corton; Nuits-St.-Georges,,,Bourgogne Rouge… Puligny-Montrachet; Meursault; Chassagne-Montrachet; Batard-Montrachet; Corton Charlemagne; Pouilly Fuisse; Macon-Lugny; Macon Villages; Bourgogne Blanc and more!


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2009 Clocher Chardonnay
Chardonnay now only $24.99/btl  (last case)

Rare, ageworthy Top Quality South of France Chardonnay and
Red Blend, South of France Blend of 65% Cabernet, 20% Syrah, and 15% Merlot   only $24.99/btl. and only a few bottles left!


And some Extremely Rare Treasures:

Harlan 1999 Napa Cabernet. 1 bottle available: $799.99

harlan cab



Select Riedel Stemware (and stemless “O” Series) Bavarian Glassware/Crystal

Select Riedel Glassware

$6.99 to $7.99 per glass when you buy or order a 12 pack (see store for details)

In Store, Every-day price: $9.99 each* (*some are priced a bit higher, but still considerable less than you might see online or at other retailers such as Total Wines)

Suggested Retail: $15.99 each and more!


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More Bubbly!


South of France Bubbly (Blanquette de Limoux...where sparkling wine was invented)


 this is one of our most popular Sparkling wines, it was actually one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorite Sparkling Wines!

"Good wine is a necessity of life, for me" Thomas Jefferson

“Good wine is a necessity of life, for me” Thomas Jefferson

…yes the Bubblies from Limoux pre-date Champagne by around 100 years!


(reg. $16.99/btl) $13.99only $11.61 with Full Wineaux Discounts)


And as much as we love the St. Hilaire, we are offering another Blanquette de Limoux at a “Secret Web Deal” price.

only $10.99/btl “net” when you mention this web deal.

Blanquette de Limoux Brut Bernard Delmas

Blanquette de Limoux is made from Mauzac and Chardonnay grapes. This dry, creamy-textured, full-bodied sparkling wine has delicate yeasty aromas. Fruity with toasty green apple and lemon tones. The perfect celebratory wine! organic too! $13.99/btl

Excellent quality and Certified Organic as well.

Delmas, Blanquette de Limoux Brut, only $10.99/btl. “net” When you MENTION THIS WEB DEAL (or are a current member of our Wineaux Gregarious Discount Club)  Reg. in store price before discounts $13.99/btl.


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McManis Wines.

(click “McManis  Wines” above to go to a description page for all their varietals)

Delicious, suprisingly well made and “user friendly” wines from California!  On of our all time best selling brands!



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Radius wines


RADIUS, Washington Wines all only

$8.99/btl. REG.Suggested Retail $11.99/btl. (only $7.47/btl– $89.64/case with Full Wineaux Club Discounts!!

(compare our prices to Total Wine)

Regular whole/mixed and 1/2 case discounts apply for everyone else)



Chardonnay: Oak, Apple, Spice, Medium-bodied Washington- Welcoming toasted oak notes swirl around dried apricot, apple cobbler, and baking spice aromas. A rich palate filled with intense fruit and honey. Lingering residual sugar is balanced by acidity for a clean finish. A slight touch of toasty oak peeks thru too.


Radius Cabernet


Cabernet Sauvignon:Fresh, Black Cherry, Chocolate, Medium-bodied Washington- Aromas and flavors of currant, black cherry and red jammy fruit. Hints of toasty oak lead to a
long finish in this bold wine. Enjoy with red meats, game, sharp cheeses and dark chocolate. Very forward slightly sweet fruit.

Red Blend(We like this Delicious, Soft Easy Drinking Washington Red Blend even better than 14 Hands “Hot To Trot” Red, Menage a Tois, and Apothic Red…all wines we have and sometimes still sell, (and can order in for you if you like) But many of our customers say
The Radius Red is somewhat
similar to those) Juicy, Black Cherry, Plum, Medium-bodied 
Washington- Flavors and aromas of juicy rich black fruit, ripe cherry and hints of toasted vanilla oak lead into a long and tasty finish with lingering fruit notes. Well-balanced with smooth tannins, and slightly sweet/fruit forward.


 *”Net” sale prices indicate the bottom-line discount, with no other case, coupon, or Wineaux Club discounts

New Arrivals and Rare, Hard to obtain Wines at The Wine Seller

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New Vintages of Leonetti and Quilceda Creek.

Those of you who know about these wines, they are the top two “Cult Wines” of Washington State, and some of the most sought after as well.

Your local Wine Seller®, besides keeping our prices on these quite fair (especially when purchased as part of a 1/2 or mixed/whole case, or you’re a current Wineaux Club member) gets a fairly decent allocation of these wines (more than many shops, but shhh..don’t tell them…it’ll only make them jealous). Of course, you will rarely if ever see these wines at Safeway, QFC, Costco, Trader Joe’s, BevMo, Total Wines etc. etc. and the like.

These wines are fairly strictly allocated to well-established bottle shops, like The Wine Seller®, and “White Table Cloth” restaurants only, as a rule. It generally takes years to get on the lists of these wineries, and then you have quantity purchase requirements, shipping costs, and if you ever decline your year’s shipment, you’re off the list and at the bottom again.. So Wine Not pick up a few bottles of these legendary wines while they are in stock.

We do have some back vintages as well, at slightly higher prices, of course.

Many other rare Washington wines in as well. Five Star Cellars; Walla Walla Vintners; Kontos Cellars; Fielding Hills; Long Shadows Wines; Forgeron; Dubrul Vineyards; Buty and many more.

New vintages of LEONETTI CELLAR and QUILCEDA CREEK wines in stock NOW! Washington’s 1st “Cult Wine” just received a 98 point rating from the Wine Enthusiast magazine! This hard to find wine, along with their superb Merlot, Sangiovese and Reserve bottling, and of course, Cabernet Sauvignon is in stock at The Wine Seller now! Hurry though — they are limited to stock on hand. And we  receive a decent yearly allocation, more than many Seattle area Wine Shops and Restaurants.

With WINEAUX GREGARIOUS club prices, these wines are often less than winery direct prices, especially when you factor in the NO SHIPPING COSTS, when you obtain your rare Washington Wines from us, at your local Wine Seller, and the fact that you would have to be on the wineries list to be able to buy these wines (or have a friend who is), and it’s a 4-5 year waiting list to get on these lists.

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From Leonetti Cellars: Washington’s 1st “Cult” Wine. And still, one ofTHE most sought after wines from Washington, and known by many as one of the finest Red Wine Producers in the world!
Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Walla Walla,   $109.99/btl.)

Leonetti Merlot 2015 Walla Walla,   ($82.99*/btl. with full Wineaux Club discount) $99.99/btl. Reg. Full price.

Sangiovese 2014 Walla Walla,    ($66.39* with full Wineaux Club discount)$79.99/btl. Full price.

Leonetti Cellar Reserve 2014

Leonetti Reserve

  • Winemaker’s Notes

    Dark, saturated and gorgeous. Intoxicating nose of fresh flowers, dark red fruit and a glorious citrus note – which Leonetti are rarely able to capture in their wines. There is also a tiny sprinkling of cedar shavings, Creme de cassis, and crushed blackcurrant. Unbelievably vibrant and focused. The palate is plush and long with a core of sweetness. Respecting the coolness of the vintage, the acidity is deliciously bright and the tannin low.

    Critical Acclaim

    • Wine Spectator 94 points

      Wine Spectator“Refined and elegant, showing juicy currant and blackberry fruit shaded with allspice, black pepper and bay leaf. Cabernet blend.”

    • Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 94 points

      The Wine Advocate“The most unique of the 2011s barrel samples, with a bright, juicy profile that includes loads of black fruit, citrus, assorted wild herbs and floral qualities, the 2011 Reserve hits the palate with a medium to full-bodied, elegant and balanced mouthfeel, sweet tannin and an overall classy personality.
      Range: 92-94 Points
      Barrel Sample”

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Leonetti Reserve, Leonetti Reserve

(Bordeaux Blend) 2014 Walla Walla $169.99/btl Full price          ($141.09*/btl. with full Wineaux Club discount)  2012: Leonetti Reserve $179.99




Quilceda Creek 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon $229.99/btl.   

Just garnered another 100 Point Score from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate!

Quilceda Creek Red Wine Blend. 1/3 the price of the famous Cab, and still one hell of a wine!

2015 Quilceda Creek Columbia Valley Red Wine
$64.99 ($53.94 Full Wineaux Club discounted price*. Any actual discounts maybe be different) a few older vintages available as well.

New Quilceda Red 2015

2008 Red Wine.cdr

Still have older vintages of Quilceda Creek Wines available too. EXTREMELY LIMITED on all these legendary, rare Washington Reds.

(prices subject to change without notice)

* Full Wineaux Gregarious club discounts are 17% off if paid by cash or check.

We list the Full Wineaux Club Discounts to illustrate what your actual cost is or could be, when you are a current member of our Wineaux Gregarious Discount Club, and pay with cash or check.

Wineaux Gregarious Members receive 14% off with credit cards and debit cards. debit (we’re working on getting a better deal on debit cards, but discovered those fees are still too high to be able to offer the “Full Wineaux Discounts” with, all the swipe fees, couples with “bank interchange fees” that we noticed coming out every month)

Other discounts for non Wineaux Club members are:

10% off for1/2 case(6bottles)

15% off for whole or mixed cases (with cash or check)

12% off for mixed/whole cases paid for by credit cards or debit

WINEAUX GREGARIOUS MEMBERSHIPS start at only $25 year for single…$10 for each additional family or corporate/business membership card

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Rare Washington wines such as Five Star Cellars; Walla Walla Vintners; Fielding Hills; Gorman; Smasne; and of course…some of the legendary ones like Leonetti, Quilceda Creek, Andrew Will and Woodward Canyon.

               Silverback Vineyards, Walla Walla

Silverback Vineyards Wines

Walla Walla.

Incredibly concentrated, extremely small production wines.

Silverback’s “line up” of wines includes an elegant Chardonnay that would rival many top White Burgundies (Montrachet/Meursault) in style and character. 
Sangiovese that could rival many top Brunello di Montalcinos of Tuscany! 



(the famous Bordeaux-style Blend)    

and the “ReserveSyrah.   Amazing depth and concentration, however, this Reserve Syrah may be

THE most expensive Washington Red Wine ever

at a whopping $239.99/btl…AND WE HAVE SOME in stock now!

($199.19 with Full Wineaux Club)

their Regular Syrah, which is also an incredible bottle of wine,  is only $79.99/btl ($66.39 Full Wineaux)

*These wines start in the $55/btl ($46.47 Full Wineaux) range for their elegant , Burgundian Chardonnay, and rich “Brunello-Like” Sangiovese (before discounts)  and go up from there…so check to see what’s in stock.
Check Silverback’s web site for press and pricing. Remember, your Wineaux Club Prices, and/or Mixed or Whole 6-pak or case discounts apply as well! (click here)


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Stop in or call for ordering & pricing

Portteus Wines!



 If we don’t have it in and the wine is available, we can usually have it in within 1 to 7 days.



Many incredible Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Wines in stock now!

One of our most popular Spanish Reds just came back in.

Protocolo Tinto 2012

Protocolo Spanish Red, BACK IN STOCK!!!

8.99/btl ($7.47/btl with Full Wineaux Discounts)

Winemaker’s Notes:

The 2014 displays medium to high and light iridescence addresses in the ruby red edges in the glass. Aromas of mature red fruits, good arrears of Intensity, notes of coffee, vanilla and toasted. A good sign structure, emphasizing the tannin-alcohol balance acidity, fresh ripe fruit popping them in perfect conjunction with character. Mostly Tempranillo.


Attention all Burgundy (whites and reds) aficionados…you know who you are…new shipments of Burgundies arriving and more can be special ordered.

Nuits St. Georges; Chambolle-Musigny: Pommard; Puligny Montrachet; Volnay; Meursault


2009 Clocher Chardonnay and the blended red

This is a very well put together French Chardonnay that rivals top White Burgundies in the $55-$90/btl range. These folks are fanatical about their “Terroir Driven” South of France, Limoux Chardonnays, and it shows. Fabulous vintage, too! 2009, and this Chardonnay actually ages beautifully! Whole cases of either Clocher Red or Chardonnay — get the beautiful sealed Wood Box! Wine Not pick up a case, while it lasts!

Chardonnay $24.99/btl    only a little over 1 case left…

Red Blend, South of France.  Blend of 65% Cabernet, 20% Syrah, and 15% Merlot. $24.99 ($20.74 with Full Wineaux.)

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The Wine Seller® now has on display (and many bottles and vertical collections for sale) upstairs in our Artist’s and Rare Wines Loft the ENTIRE MARILYN MERLOT Vertical. From the  1985 vintage on! That’s right! Every bottle ever made and then some. We even have some of the early prototypes, EXTREMELY RARE from before the official collection began with the 1985 Vintage.

The Marilyn Merlot Vertical collection includes 12 bottles, one each of the first 12 vintages of Marilyn Merlot, 1985-1996.

$10,000 OBO 

($12,000 on the www.marilynwines.com site).

to Marilyn Merlot page

We are offering the second “Vertical” Collection 1997-2008 at $1,275 ($1,400 on their site).


Of course, we have the current releases  -, a few other recent bottlings on hand, and some older vintages available as well. If you’re a Marilyn Monroe fan, or a collector of these wines, you’ve got to see this!

Norma Jean and Bubblies too!


Prices and availability subject to change without notice

and one more “Bubbly” and one of our absolute “Faves”! Scharffenberger

Scharffenberger Brut
Scharffenberger Brut

Tasting notes: A red fruit-forward nose with a tropical expression of litchi nut and mango. Vanilla cream character which makes for a round and full-bodied wine. After 2 years on lees there are notes of freshly baked bread and pastry that enhances the more fruit-forward style of the wine. After several months on the cork the wine develops caramel and hazelnut complexities.

$19.99/btl.  regular in store price ($22.99 full price).

Mention this Web Deal:

and take this Delicious Well Made California Bubbly  Only $15.99/btl “net”

Wine maker notes: Made by traditional Methode Champenoise process-whereby wines are individually bottle-fermented before being riddled and disgorged. The wine undergoes 100% malolactic fermentation. Aged 2 years on lees.

Joe says he could lose this delightful, well made California Bubbly in a Blind Tasting of REAL French Champagne…

Food pairings: Serve with oysters, bay scallop appetizers, rich creamy cheeses and fresh tropical fruit.

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“Net” sale prices indicate the bottom-line discount, with no other case, coupon, or Wineaux Club discounts. All Prices subject to change without notice.