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Not just wine…


Cheese, salami, Duck Liver pate’ and Smoked Duck Breast (like the best pancetta you ever tasted), crackers — all the necessary ingredients to complement your wine choices. Also, Chocolates and Pegasus Coffee


Seattle Chocolate Truffle Bars and Lindt too, as well as other top brands

Seattle Chocolate Truffle Bars and Lindt too, as well as other top brands

Chocolate Truffles by Seattle Chocolates and Lindt

Chocolate Truffles by Seattle Chocolates and Lindt


Ever so slightly sparkling..

Saint Geron Water only $2.99/750ml bottle or2 for $5  $29.99-Case! Highly rated mineral water! From France! We love it! So refreshing and healthful!

Delicious, moist Smoked Salmon

Delicious, moist Smoked Salmon

Our "Small but mighty" Deli Cooler is chocked to the brim with all sorts of Gourmet Goodies"

Our “Small but mighty” Deli Cooler is chocked to the brim with all sorts of Gourmet Goodies”

confit leg of duck. available in packages of 6. perfect for a quick French Dinner!

confit leg of duck. available in packages of 6. perfect for a quick French Dinner! not always in stock, but can be ordered for a Monday delivery..comes 6 to a package. We usually freeze them, 2 per plastic bag.

I make a pasta carbonara with this


6 pack of cryovaced duck confit legs. Smoked Duck Breast too...and...Duck Liver pork or preservatives...YUM!!

6 pack of cryovacked duck confit legs. (often needs to be Special Ordered to be here the following Monday)  Smoked Duck Breast too…and…Duck Liver Mousse…no pork or preservatives…I make a pasta carbonara with this YUM!!

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The Wine Seller® has in stock a vast array of bottle openers, gift bags, and even souvenirs from the area.



red rabbit

the Rabbit “lever-pull” Houdini Corkscrew $29.99 each

the Rabbit lever-pull “Houdini” is in stock as well. $29.99 each

To further complement your gourmet wine, cider, mead and/or beer choices:

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Truffle Salt and/or Fennel Salt by Casina Rossa

A heady, aromatic blend of hand-screened, air-dried Italian black truffle and sea salt that transforms anything into an exotic mealtime treasure. From scrambled eggs to pasta dishes, cooked vegetables to pates and roasted meats, it’s the ultimate way to enjoy the true flavor of truffle every day. Just a dusting on hot and buttery or juicy foods releases its incredible suite of natural aromatics to make even mashed potatoes into pure heaven! Featured in NY Times, Gourmet, Food and Wine, O Magazine, and many others. Used by foodies and 5-star chefs worldwide.only $22.99/jar (only $19.08 with Full Wineaux Club Discounts) (reg.$24.99-$29.99)

Casina Rossa’s top quality sea salt, blended with toasted fennel and organic fennel pollen from Tuscany’s verdant Arno valley, is an instant RITROVOR SELECTIONS bestseller. An invaluable condiment for salads and vegetable cookery, also magic on bruschette, pastas, and grilled meats. just $17.99/jar (only $14.93 with Full Wineaux Club Discounts) (reg. $24.99)

The Wine Seller also carries a line of other Gourmet Salts.

Sugo Al Pomodoro Abruzzo Red Pasta Sauce by Casina Rossa

Classic Abruzzo ‘red sauce’, made in small batches by Casina Rossa. Fresh tomatoes, oregano, garden vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil make for
elegant simplicity at its finest. The perfect ingredient for five-star pasta or pizza and equally elegant over roasted meats and in sauces of all

Now in 3 flavors:

Original Abruzzi;


and Due Formaggio…(two Cheeses)

And Black Truffle…NEW!!

Extraordinary! all the way from Italy! and only $6.99 jar

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Toasted Almonds with Truffle & Salt by Miller Farms

Truffle & Salt pairs with Miller Farms roasted snacking almonds cooked in olive oil to create a new taste sensation. Miller Farms, a fourth generation, sustainable farm in Modesto, California selected our Truffle & Salt for its quality, aroma, and flavor. Perfect with your favorite glass of wine.

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We carry pretty much the full line of Cider and Cider-Like Liquour Products for local Cidery Finn River, As well as Alpenfire and Eaglemount.

Finnriver Ciders

Finnriver Cidery products.

Eaglemount Cidery and Winery. The Wine Seller Generally carries most or all of their products!

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Port Townsend Brewing Company’s Fantastic Line of Quality Ale! IPA, Amber, Golden, Boatyard Bitter, Hop Diggity, Scotch, Porter and Stout


Great prices on Select Reidel Glassware


The wine glasses in stock from Reidel stemware are currently on sale. “Select sizes” only $7.99/stem WHEN YOU MENTION THIS WEBSITE SPECIAL (Regularly $9.99/stem “sale price”. Regular “off sale” price $15.99 each) see store for choices. Large “magnum”, regular red, white and champagne. Real Reidel at a bargain price!

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In the cheese cooler

Fresh supplies of Mt. Townsend Creamery’s Cheese 

Sea Stack, Cirrus, Camp Fire, Red Alder, Truffle Stack (made with Ritrovo Truffle Salt) New Moon.

The Wine Seller® carries some wonderful cheese, besides the great stuff from our local Mt. Townsend Creamery (Seastack; Cirrus; Trailhead; New Moon, Camp Fire; Red Alder).

We generally keep an interesting and delicious array of some of our other favorites, which we also feature at our Wine Tastings! Cheeses such as Cambazola (that luscious German hybrid of Camembert and Gorganzola); Delice de Bourgogne (unbelievably DEE-licious triple cream French ripened cheese).

one of our newest Favorites is  French

“Elderflower Tomme”  Yum!. A rich semi soft cheese with a light rind and flavor a bit like a gruyere, only a bit earthier and totally addictive!

Gouda cheeses, including real Dutch stuff, and the aged “Rembrandt” version, as well as some small domestic wheels in red wax. We have some Danish Havarti, and another of our all-time faves, both for eating and cooking with: COMTE’ (The King of Gruyere cheeses). The Wine Seller® usually keeps some Delicious Duck liver pate’, Salmon Caviar, Salami and a nice assortment of crackers, including those lovely PANZANELLA crackers.

  • We can also pre-order larger wheels and wedges for your parties. Just let us know around a week before you need stuff, and we will be happy to order the cheese and meats for you!

Finish this food array off with a nice assortment of CHOCOLATES from Lindt and Seattle Chocolates, and others…some imported jams and jellies…some exotic mustards…SMOKED SALMON from Alaska Smokehouse in Woodinville (some in Wooden gift boxes, all vacuum packed to stay fresh until you are ready to eat it!) We also carry Thomas Kemper SODA, and an assortment of bottled waters, such as Arrowhead Water, and PELLIGRINO.

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The Wine Seller® tries to keep the cheese prices quite reasonable, and we’ve been told by some of our “price-conscious customers” (and aren’t we all?) that we are generally less per pound than QFC and Safeway on cheeses. Compare prices if you like. We think you will be surprised and hopefully pleased. And remember, Wineaux Gregarious Members get their discounts on Cheese and Food items, as well as Wine, Champagne, Beer and Ciders

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Seattle Chocolates


These extravagantly wrapped truffle bars are taking chocolate to a whole new level. In ten delightful flavors, these enchanting truffle bars boast a meltaway center embraced by a rich chocolate shell.

.35 each

Give one or a whole box full of these smooth and luscious all natural chocolate truffles and you will be giving a small surprise that results in a big smile! These truffles are available in more than a dozen unique, all natural flavors.



wine filled chocolates

Wine Filled Chocolates, Special $8.99/box (Reg. $9.99) The Same as the ones our neighbors, WILLIAMS GALLERY sold, before they closed. Cabernet filled


Smoked Salmon fresh in our Deli Cooler from Cape Cleare.

Smoked Salmon

Both fresh, from  Cape Cleare as well as boxed for long keeping and easy to pack, ship, and/or travel with. Some in beautifully decorated wood boxes.

Alaska Smokehouse 16 oz Natural Smoked Salmon 2 Pack

Sealed in the pouch Smoked Salmon. Good for gifts and traveling.

Fun decorated Wood Boxes with Smoked Salmon


Also Pegasus Coffee, Premium Coffee Roaster from Bainbridge Island. The Wine Seller® has been offering this fine brand of Coffee since we opened in 1982!

Whole bean, or we can grind it to order.



Close up of cigars in open humidor box Stock Photo - 15167610

The Wine Seller also carries an array of fine Cigars in our Humidor. Cohiba; Macanudo; Montecristo; Arturo Fuente and more.

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 Wine Aerators an pourers from $10.99!