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LIVE at Marrowstone Vineyards August 30 & 31 Friday & Saturday from 5-8 



 …and LIVE at the Port Townsend WOODEN BOAT FEST



Mainstage Sunday morning, September 8th. 10:30 one set only!

Joe Euro at a recent LIVE concert 

Hear/see Joe’s varied repertoire of Instrumental, Acoustic Original “Neo-Classical” Compositions, (some in the style of guitar greats such as Michael Hedges; Wil Ackerman; Andy McKee; Billy McClaughlin, Andre’ Segovia, Christopher Parkening, Charlie Byrd…etc. often in “Open Tunings” such as DADGAD with a “reach over” tapping” technique that is as much fun to see as to hear!)…Some of Joe’s lite jazz arrangements, and some actual Classical/Spanish Style Guitar pieces! And a few of Joe’s “Spacey” Ambient pieces too! 










CD’s available thru Joe Euro direct, at The Wine Seller, or through these links: cd baby, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes… both hard copy CD’s, downloadable and streaming. Also “Streaming” on iTunes/Apple Music; Napster; Spotify, Amazon Music…and more..(click on a CD cover to go to CD BABY and have a listen, or order individual tracks or the whole CD)

(click on any CD cover [except Sampler] to be taken to CD Baby to listen to samples, buy the whole CD or individual tracks)


“SAMPLER” only available locally at Joe’s shop, The Wine Seller,  or can be shipped.
“Sampler” some new stuff, some out of the “Archives” 5 new tracks, 5 with various artists from previous works that prominently featured my guitar playing…Celtic harpist, David Michael, Esraj and Tabla virtuoso, Benji Werthheimer, the late Randy Meade on flutes, Raven, on Native American flute and more…”Rescued” from historic recordings of 15-25 years ago!

Joe Euro’s Music is also available to stream or purchase from Amazon Music!

 Joe Euro’s Holiday Cheer CD, which has only been available locally in hard copy, is now available to download through our friends at CD Baby, as are all Joe’s other CDs too! you can download individual tracks on CD Baby as not all are specificaly “Holiday” music…

Download cards available of 4 (all except ‘Sampler) of Joe’s CDs at the Wine Seller for only $5 each!

(instructions on back of card…easy. go to

Joe Euro

Joe Euro’s Holiday Cheer CD , copies at the shop…only $9.99 Digital Download Cards only $5 each at The Wine Seller too.
click the link below to go to CD and listen to samples and download the whole 12 track album or individual tracks.
click here to download and listen to Joe Euro’s HOLIDAY CHEER








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and Wine Not 🍷 consider joining Joe Euro this fall on his Deluxe Small Group Journey to Italy’s Tuscany/Umbria 10/26-11/6 pp $4395 pp + air


Friday & Saturday August 30 and 31 from 5-8 

Marrowstone Vineyards







Joe Euro LIVE in concert

Marrowstone Vineyards Winery, 


Then I’ll be playing their music season out with performances there, at beautiful Marrowstone Vineyards Winery  again at the End of August…both Friday AND Saturday!! August 30 and 31  5-8 or so..Hope to see you out there!! It’s a lovely rural, bucolic winery/vineyard setting…and with my brand and variety of acoustic, instrumental guitar…s’all good!!

Their wines are truly delicious and well made…and there’ll be food available as well!


Sunday, September 8th 10:30 ONE SET ONLY (a somewhat long set tho...)

and…  I’ll be performing at Wooden Boat Fest again this year, September 8th…10:30 AM on the Main Stage…








Joe Euro’s repertoire of Original 

“Neo-Classical” Compositions, (some in the style of guitar greats such as Michael Hedges; Wil Ackerman; Andy McKee; Billy McClaughlin, Andre’ Segovia, Charlie Byrd…etc. often with a “reach over” tapping” technique that is as much fun to see as to hear!)…Some lite jazz arrangements of his, and some actual Classical Guitar pieces! And a few of Joe’s “Spacey” Ambient pieces too!






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You can “Go With Joe” too…our next “Small Group  Journey”   

back to Bella Italia!  October26/November 6th 2019  Umbria and Tuscany! go to Travel page

12 days/11nights








full itinerary and info on how to sign on to this fabulous “small group journey”

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Go with Joe, we had a wonderful time exploring Portugal and Northwest Spain October into early November 2018

JOURNEY Portugal and NW Spain Fall 2018! What a Fantastic Journey and fun group of fellow “Enthusiastic Travelers” 

Some of our group from the recent Portugal/NW Spain trip. October 2018



October, 2018


Our Next Small Group journey will be This Fall (October26/November 6th 2019) to fabulous Tuscany and Umbria!!! 12 days/11 nights…more details and full itinerary to come!! $4395 pp

 Candlelight Concert 

The 24th, of January, 2019

Hope you didn’t miss it!

Joe Euro, did another LIVE Candlelight Concert! Last year too, and for a number of years (9) now in 2018…stay tuned for another one of these Benefit concerts with Joe Euro in 2020!

 Utilizing various guitars, all sounding and tuned differently. This Historic, Victorian Era Church is a Wonderful Venue for concerts, with Great Acoustics, and a Magical Setting…especially when all the Candles are lit and House lights turned down.

Joe  played an array of his own “neo-Classical” pieces and Improvisations, some you just have to see to believe…with various “IconoClassical” Techniques and Gizmology Joe uses…as well as some Classical and light jazz tunes…and maybe even a touch of Acoustic Blues.


 January 24th, 2019 One Set Only! At the Historic United Trinity Methodist Church, “Uptown” Port Townsend 609 Taylor St. Hope you didn’t miss this one


This is where Joe’s Candlelight Concert are held. United Trinity Methodist Church, 609 Taylor St. “Uptown” Port Townsend, WA  click here to go to Google maps



check back often, or sign up for our emails to see news of other upcoming trips, Wine Seller News, and news of Joe Euro’s Music.

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Joe Euro  Played at the

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival 2017 and again LAST year!  2nd Sunday Morning of September at 11:00 AM

Joe  performed on the Main Stage of Wooden Boat Fest again  Sunday, September 9th, 2018  at 11:00 (and usually Joe gets set up and starts playing a bit earlier to give you all a nice long set of tasty guitar)

Joe’s 1947 Matthews Wooden Sedan Cruiser, St. Brendan.


JOE EURO (Wine Seller Proprietor, Guitarist/Recording Artist/Composer…) 



on…Marrowstone Island (of all places…)


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Marrowstone Vineyards Winery. What a Gorgeous site…Joe Euro played here in June  2017 and twice in Summer of 2018!!  and I’m sure, if you call and bug them (James) enough…they’ll ask me back soon. hope to be back this coming Summer! Stay tuned for dates!


Stay tuned for other concerts, club dates and events with Guitarist/Wine Seller, Joe Euro

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Joe’s “Guitarsenal” as he calls it…Catch Joe LIVE at a Candlelight Concert on Thursday, January 24th, 2019 and for Sunday Brunch at The Old Alcohol Plant on Sunday, january 13th, 2019



Joe played another of these Benefit Concerts on January 24th, 2019 

Joe  also played a Candlelight Concert January, in 2018, and for around 9 years in a row now!!


The Candlelight Concert  at the Trinity United Methodist Church “Uptown” Port Townsend. Just a short block off Lawrence Street, behind the “Rec Center” Gym. 609 Taylor Street. click here to go to Google maps


Joe Euro’s,  LIVE Concert! January ,2018 Utilizing various guitars, all sounding and tuned differently. At this Historic, Victorian Era Church was another amazing event…hope you can make it in January 24th, 2019
$10 Suggested Donation for this Benefit Concert


 email at


guitars and roses, enhanced


Recent Concerts and Shows:



Joe had a “House Concert” on July 14th Wine Not host your own “House Concert” or catch one of Joe Euro’s rare Live Performances! Joe can even make your Private House Concert  a  Wine Tasting/Concert…what a fun event!!

Call Joe 360-385-7673

or email at

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Port Hadlock Holiday Open House, December  2016 and 2015


Joe playing for folks at the Port Hadlock Library.


2013-09-11 10.12.23

Joe playing for folks on the docks from the aft deck of his 1946 Matthews 40′ Classic Power Boat.


2013-09-11 10.10.26

Joe Euro LIVE on the Wooden Boat Fest Main Stage


LAKE UNION. July 4th, 2016



January 28th 2016…Candlelight Concert, last year. This Year, Joe’s Candlelight Concert was  Thursday Evening, February 23rd, 2017 7:00 PM, hope you didn’t miss it!

Uptown, Port Townsend

Thanks to all of my fans, new and “Vintaged” that made it to some of my my shows/concerts in late January  2018;February 2017 and in January 2016, and many other previous years… as well as my Wooden Boat Show Concerts, both in Port Townsend and Seattle!

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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPromo pic of Joe with guitar

Joe also performed a pretty dang good show…Live at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, in September 2015…

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Joe played LIVE at

The Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival over the 4th of July Weekend.2015 and 2016 (July 4th)

Joe played on the Main Stage, Sunday Morning, July 5th, 2015 at 10:00 AM. ONE SET ONLY.

 Joe Euro’s Music is also available on Amazon (listen to Samples; Stream and Purchase…click here)

guitars and roses, enhanced

souvhigh road eyes on horizon                       these 3 Joe Euro’s CD’s $9.99 each or 3 for $25

New “Compilation CD” available:

     SAMPLER 2015 Sampler 2015 Joe Euro

10 tracks, almost a full hour of instrumental music!

4 tracks from some pieces prominently featuring Joe’s guitar work from Celtic Harpist/Recording Artist David Michael’s CDs of 15-20 years ago. Some featuring not only David Michael on Celtic Harp and Zither,  but also Benji Werthheimer on esraj and tablas, and the late Randy Meade on flute.

I track featuring Joe with Native American flute player Raven (formerly known as Sea Raven)

These tracks are still quite current and enjoyable, even tho they’re 15-20 years old now.

plus 5 tracks from Joe’s recent “Holiday Cheer” CD that are not necessarily Holiday tunes. Such as Pachelbel’s Canon in D (Variations); Greensleeves; Simple Gifts: and 2 new originals works.

10 tracks of music, SAMPLER 2015. Available NOW at the Wine Seller®, and from Joe Euro Music. only $9.99 each. + Washington State sales tax in Washington. (can be shipped for an additional $2.50 each)

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Newest Version of Holiday/Seasonal CD by Joe Euro

12 Delightful, Instrumental Guitar Tracks!

“Holiday Cheer” available at the Wine Seller® and at the PT Shirt Company for $9.99 each. (Can be mailed and personally autographed too!  $2.50 each S/H)

2013-11-28 11.18.15

HOLIDAY CHEER, Joe Euro’s latest version of his Holiday/Winter CD. 12 tracks of instrumental Guitar version of many Holiday favorites and Seasonal tunes. $9.99 Only at The Wine Seller® and PTShirt Company (for now)

Joe just performed at another “Candlelight Concert”  on

January 28th (Thursday eve) 2016.

Standing Ovation and Joe played an encore…!

…January 22, 2015… got a STANDING OVATION too!!

Thanks again for all of you that made it…

Joe has played a series of these intimate concerts in Uptown Port Townsend, at this lovely old 1870’s Historic Church. 609 Taylor, “Uptown” Port Townsend. (Just off Lawrence)

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Trinity United Methodist Church. 609 Taylor St. “Uptown” Port Townsend A wonderful and  “magical” venue for some of Joe Euro’s Live Guitar Concerts. 6 years in a row!

A truly Magical and acoustically wonderful place for one of Joe’s Live Concerts. And while this is a “Benefit Concert” it is NOT a Religious Event, and most of the money ($10 suggested Donation) goes to the Port Townsend Food Bank.  A small portion of the proceeds go to the Historic Building Fund for general maintenance of this Lovely old piece of History…

Joe uses 3-4 different guitars, all tuned differently, all sound and look different too! And Joe’s sound system beautifully fills this venue with rich, full stereo sound!

Thanks to all of you that made it to this Special Concert!

HOLIDAY CHEER, Joe Euro’s latest version of his Holiday/Winter CD. 12 tracks of instrumental Guitar version of many Holiday favorites and Seasonal tunes. only $9.99 and Only available to Joe’s local fans at The Wine Seller and PTShirt Company (for now…)

‘Holiday Cheer” Joe Euro’s Collection of Traditional Holiday Tunes and some “Seasonal” Original Compositions…(contains some tracks from “Sampler” CD both just $9.99 each


Joe also played several “House Concerts” One for the Port Ludlow Community Enrichment and a Benefit Concert for The Marine Science Center in both August and September.


2013-09-11 10.12.23

At Wooden Boat Festival (2013), Joe plugged his “skinny guitar” through the house stereo of the boat’s sound system and played for folks on the dock!


Joe’s 1947 Matthews Sedan Cruiser



Click here to go to Joe Euro’s CD Sampler page on CD Baby


Book Joe Euro for your party, event or Wine Not schedule a“House Concert”

(click any CD to hear samples)

New Lower Price!! Souvenir, by Joe Euro. $9.99 plus tax in Washington and $2.50 S/H


guitars and roses, enhanced

Two of the guitars Joe frequently performs and records with. And a nice glass of Red wine and Red Roses too.


The High Road by Joe Euro. $9.99 plus tax in Washington State. $2.50 S/H


Eyes on the Horizon by Joe Euro. $9.99 plus tax in Washington State. $2.50 S/H

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If you would like to schedule a House Concert with Joe or hire him for a private party, wedding, anniversary, corporate or business function…it’s all “do-able. Call 360-385-7673 or email

Quality Instrumental ( singing) Classical; ‘Neo-Classical”; Originals; Light Jazz; Ambient..and more.

Joe plays a lovely mix of Acoustic, “Finger-Style” Solo Guitar.

Recent Performances By Joe Euro

September 14, 2014, House Concert Benefit for Port Townsend Marine Science Center.

August 2014, Community Enrichment, Port Ludlow Concert

May 4th 2014, Cape George Clubhouse, Port Townsend. House Concert and Wine Tasting. (private function)

March 29th, 2014 House Concert with Wine Tasting, Private event. Port Townsend.

January 26th, 2014 Candle Light Concert at the Methodist Church, Uptown Port Townsend

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September 9, 2013 

Joe played live again at the The Annual Wooden Boat Festival where he has been a featured favorite for many years.

January 24th, 2013, 7pm:

Joe performed solo (as usual) at the Methodist Church in Port Townsend’s Uptown district. Part of the “Candelight Concert Series”.

Sunday, September 9, 2012, 11am:

Played at the Wooden Boat Festival. Joe was the first act of the day.

July 2013, Friday. Live on KPTZ Radio, “Tossed Salad” (name of the show)

January 26, 2012, 7pm:

Joe played at the Methodist Church in Port Townsend’s Uptown district. Part of the “Candelight Concert Series”.

November 6, 2011, 4pm:
Joe played at the Presbyterian Church in Port Townsend’s Uptown district as a benefit for the Jumping Mouse Children’s Center.

September 23, 2011:
Joe Euro played at the Port Townsend Film Festival’s outdoor stage.

September 11, 2011:
Joe played his brand of solo acoustic instrumental guitar tunes at the 35th Annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival.

September 2, 2011:
Joe was featured LIVE on our local KPTZ Radio station, with a studio concert and interview.

To learn more about Joe’s music, visit his music site

Newest Version of Holiday/Seasonal CD by Joe Euro

“Holiday Cheer” available at the Wine Seller® for $9.99 each. (Can be mailed and personally autographed too!  $2.50 each S/H)

2013-11-28 11.18.15

HOLIDAY CHEER, Joe Euro’s latest version of his Holiday/Winter CD. 12 tracks of instrumental Guitar version of many Holiday favorites and Seasonal tunes. $9.99 Only at The Wine Seller® (for now)

12 tracks, including versions and variations of Pachelbel’s Canon in D; Greensleeves; Oh Holy Night; Silent Night; Joy to the World; Simple Gifts and more…

12 new guitar arrangements of classic Holiday tunes and 2 new Original piece!  Snow Day, and Winter Sunrise.

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Digital Downloads cards 

SPECIAL: 1/2 price or less from Joe Euro directly!

The Entire CD! Downloadable with the web site and code provided on the back of the cards to redeem.

Available now exclusively at The Wine Seller on all three of Joe’s CDs. That’s right! ONLY $5 per CD, around half or less the price at Apple iTunes, Amazon’s MP3, Rhapsody, and other Digital Download sites that sell Joe Euro’s music.

Check The Wine Seller® to purchase these, or have them sent to you. only $5 each plus $1 S/H per card.

(click on any CD to go to a page that will let you sample each track)

Souvenir, by Joe Euro. $14.99 plus tax in Washington and $2.50 S/H










Eyes on the Horizon by Joe Euro. $9.99 plus tax in Washington State. $2.50 S/H


The High Road by Joe Euro. $9.99 plus tax in Washington State. $2.50 S/H

Joe Euro is also a well-regarded Guitarist/ Recording Artist. The newest CD “Souvenir” was released in 2008. His other critically acclaimed CDs: “The High Road” and “Eyes On The Horizon” have been featured on some of the big Nationally Syndicated Radio Broadcasts of NPR and PRI such as “echoes” on PRI with host John Diliberto, and “Hearts of Space” on NPR with host Steven Hill. Euro’s music has been featured in several film and Video productions as well. And he’s done several live broadcast shows on Port Townsend’s own Radio Station, KPTZ    (91.9 FM) and streaming too at

Order directly from Joe via email ( or phone: 360.385.7673. You can even stop by The Wine Seller® and pick up a few copies. If Joe is there, he is always happy to autograph them if you like! Also available through:

CD and (and many other Digital Download sites, such as iTunes; Rhapsody; Spotify…sell Joe Euro’s Music!  (just punch in “Joe Euro”and you should be taken to my pages)   and they can be ordered from your local record/CD store through “Super D” Distributors.

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