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1010 Water Street “downtown” Port Townsend, WA    next to The Palace Hotel

Welcome to The Wine Seller

“the small town wine shop, with the big city selection”


What a friend wine has in Cheeses!

Since 1982, Wines, Champagne & Sparkling Wines, Port, Sherry, Vermouth as well as a great selection of Beer and Ale and Ciders

WINE-NOT STOP IN TODAY, and Mix-A-Case! Save BIG $$$

At The Wine Seller,  you can expect personal, friendly, knowledgeable service, and a wonderful, competitively priced selection for discriminating palates in and around Port Townsend, Washington, and neighbors, friends, and visitors from around the world.

Wine Tastings, 1st & 3rd Fridays / month,5:30-7:00

October through June.

(click here for current schedule)


Store Hours: OPEN Every Day, 7 Days a Week, Year ‘Round. Sundays thru Thursdays 11:00 (ish) till at least 7:00 (and often later) Fridays & Saturdays 10:30 (ish) till at least 8:00 (and often later) In the longest days of Summer, we’re often open late hours. If the lights are on, we’re most likely still here!! Or call 360-385-7673 to see if we’re still OPEN.





(as we have been for many years now)

10:30 till around 5:00,

closing earlier than our regular 7:00PM  “or so”  time, to enjoy the Holiday Feasting with Family and Friends!



Holiday turkey


and early the following Saturday as well! for

                      Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday, November 30th. Use your American Express card at The Wine Seller, Spend at least $10, and receive a $10 Statement Credit from American Express*

The Wine Seller has a truly Amazing Selection of fantastic “palate tested and tasted” wines, “bubblies” and beers from the Pacific Northwest, California and most top wine and beer producing regions around the world, such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Germany, Austria, etc. etc.!!

Start ordering your Holiday Party Wines, Bubblies, Beers and Ciders Soon!


Just arrived! New 2013 Rombauer Chardonnay. The “Holy Grail” of California Chards.. Very allocated, so stop in today and pick some up if you like this luscious wine. $39.99/btl. ($33.20/btl. with Full Wineaux Club discounts)

We cannot, however, carry EVERYTHING, all the time…so we act, quite often, as

wine and beer “brokers”, and take your requests for things we can usually obtain within 1 to 14 days. So what is not on our shelves, at any given time, can often be had with a simple request and pre -order.

Meet or Beat Pricing“*

especially on pre-Orders!

Call or stop by with the best price you’ve seen on some of your supermarket or “big box” retailer favorites! and Remember,

Costco, Trader Joe’s, and BevMo DO NOT offer any other whole/mixed case, or 1/2 case (6 btl.) discounts!   The price you see there, is the price you pay! And often our discounted price BEATS their”shelf price”!

We generally Meet and often BEAT prices from Total Wines, Compass Wines and Pete’s as well! Just stop in or give us a call (360-385-7673) and  give us a chance to earn your business and help KEEP your business LOCAL. Supports local independent, family owned businesses, and keeps your taxes right here in our town and county!

The Wine Seller has a whole range of discounting levels. But we have to have a before discounts price level as well, even if that price represents a temporary mark down or “Close-Out Dealz”. We need to pay the bills too, and the tourists don’t need to get all of our discounts.(1/2, Mixed, Whole cases and Wineaux Club discounts.)


The Wine Seller doesn’t want ALL of your wine biz…wait..yes we do. Please try to buy just about all your fermented beverages from us, and this will be a better world…and thank you.

Call or send a message even if you are at the winery itself, had it at a restaurant, or see it at another retailer, (either a “Bricks & Mortar” shop, like ours, or at an “online retailer”) and want to see if we can get that product right here at home, perhaps saving you shipping costs as well. Often, winery prices are full, and restaurant prices are all over the board, from double retail to sometime 4 times that...”dealz” can often be obtained through our distribution network and with our volume buying power!  360-385-7673 or info@PTwineseller.com

Of course, your local Wine Seller has plenty of great wine deals on wine and beer we taste and buy, and stock our shelves with.  We have an amazing selection from around the world — Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, as well as one of the best selections around of Washington and Oregon Wines…and yes..California wines too..well chosen for value and enjoyment!..



It’s an ever-changing selection as well, as we deal with a lot of small producers of all sorts of premium fermented beverages. (Wine, Champagne, Beer & Ale, Hard Cider, etc etc.) So stop in often and while you’re here, WINE NOT grab a box right next to the cooler and

mix-a-case…Wine Not! grab a box and select any 12 bottles. SAVE BIG $$$

Our generous 15%* every day mixed or whole case discounts* are truly hard to beat! (10% off 6 BTL. 1/2 CASES)  WINEAUX GREGARIOUS Club members save even more…AS MUCH AS 17% off REGULAR AND SALE PRICES!


Often, our discounts combined with Winery and/or Distributor mark downs and occasional Close Out Dealz savings can be 30%-40%-50%

sometimes even over 75% OFF

The Wine Seller does get offered many small and medium lot Close Out Dealz!

Check in often, as these tend to fly out, once they’re discovered!

(*some restrictions, see store for details)

Artist’s Loft/Gallery

Otter Road sm

Jeff Tocher’s Fantastic Artwork is up in our Artist’s Gallery right Now. Originals and Prints for Sale. Stop by Today!

PTSOMsm (1024x780)

See the Original, Buy it…or a print.

Some Current Specials

(see Specials page for reviews)

Rose’…we got lots of ‘em! But it’s getting to be Sunset on Rose’ Season, and they’re disappearing fast…Stop in TODAY for some fine Dry Rose’

50 shades of Rose’…Lots of Fabulous Dry Rose’ in Stock Now!!
We’re still Loving those Delicious
Dry Rose’s
 but they’re going fast!

Great selection now on South of France and Rhone Reds, including some fantastic Chateauneuf du Pape reds. Rhone Reds, Whites and Rose’s starting at only $9.99/btl ($8.30/btl with Full Wineaux Club Discounts)


Rare, hard to find or obtain Washington wines such as Five Star Cellars; Walla Walla Vintners; Fielding Hills; Gorman; Smasne; and of course…some of the legendary ones like Leonetti Cellar, Quilceda Creek, Andrew Will and Woodward Canyon.




just   2 for $7.99*




Our best Selling Wines!  And for good reason…they’re decent wines with good varietal character, and they’re an Amazing Value, from the same company (Bronco Wines) that make “2-buck Chuck” (Charles Shaw Wines) for Trader Joe’s..(but most of our customers agree, the CRANE LAKE WINES are a noticeable notch up in quality and character)

Crane Lake offers a Mind Boggling assortment of varietals. Cabernet; Petite Sirah; Sauvignon Blanc; Merlot; Chardonnay; Pinot Grigio; Pinot Noir; Moscato; Riesling; Shiraz; Gewurztraminer; Sangiovese; and more…

(*$3.81/btl Full Wineaux Club Price, or $4.59/btl single btl)

Mix or Match!

Other Brands such as Five Oaks, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Merlot and occasionally some other Temporary or limited Close Out Dealz wind up in our 2 for $7.99 pile as well…

Perfectly “drinkable wines” at yesteryear prices…

and even tho there may always be wine we’d prefer to drink, The Wine Seller would not sell any wine that we wouldn’t drink!


Attention all Burgundy (whites and reds) aficionados…you know who you are…new shipment of Burgundies 2011! and some older vintages too.




2009 Clocher Chardonnay
Chardonnay $23.99/btl “net” (reg. $29.99) Rare, ageworthy Top Quality South of France Chardonnay and
Red, South of France Blend of 65% Cabernet, 20% Syrah, and 15% Merlot $19.99/btl “net” (reg. $24.99)

Select Riedel Stemware (and stemless “O” Series) Bavarian Glassware/Crystal

$6.99 to $7.99 per glass when you buy or order a 12 pack (see store for details)

In Store, Every-day price: $9.99 each

Suggested Retail: $15.99 each


Kelso Red Table Wine  $9.99/btl ($8.30* with Full Wineaux Discounts, other lesser discounts apply as well to non Wineaux Club members)

Made by Claar Cellars here in Washington!

 Shows bold purple blood red plums with a certain depth that seems to come from some barrel time. Full of aromatic fruit, showing purple plums, beets and some sweet cinnamon.  After nice hang time, the finish wraps up with some solid fruit and acids tucked into your cheeks. Pretty darn Delicious Red, according to Joe!


Marietta Old Vine Red

$10.99/btl “net” when you mention this web deal or are a current Wineaux Club member

(reg. $15.99 — in store, before discount price $13.99 everyday in store price, before discounts)




The Marilyn Merlot Vertical collection includes 12 bottles, one each of the first 12 vintages of Marilyn Merlot, 1985-1996.
$10,000 OBO ($12,000 on the www.marilynwines.com site).
We are offering the second “Vertical” Collection 1997-2008 at $1,275 ($1,400 on their site)

Saint-Hilaire, South of France Bubbly.


"Good wine is a necessity of life, for me" Thomas Jefferson

“Good wine is a necessity of life, for me” Thomas Jefferson

This was one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorite Sparkling Wines…yes the Bubblies from Limoux pre-date Champagne by around 100 years!


$10.99/btl “net” when you mention this web deal or are a current Wineaux Club member

(reg. $16.99/btl) when you mention this web deal! $13.99 in store price.


And as much as we love the St. Hilaire, we are offering another Blanquette de Limoux at a “Secret Web Deal” price.

Blanquette de Limoux Brut Bernard Delmas

Blanquette de Limoux is made from Mauzac and Chardonnay grapes. This dry, creamy-textured, full-bodied sparkling wine has delicate yeasty aromas. Fruity with toasty green apple and lemon tones. The perfect celebratory wine!

Excellent quality and Certified Organic as well.

Delmas, Blanquette de Limoux Brut, only $10.99/btl. “net” When you MENTION THIS WEB DEAL (or are a current member of our Wineaux Gregarious Discount Club)  Reg. in store price before discounts $13.99/btl.

More info on Delmas, click here.

Blanquette de Limoux is made from Mauzac and Chardonnay grapes. This dry, creamy-textured, full-bodied sparkling wine has delicate yeasty aromas. Fruity with toasty green apple and lemon tones. The perfect celebratory wine! – See more at: http://store.theorganicwinecompany.com/blanquette-de-limoux-brut-bernard-delmas-p1153.aspx#sthash.OdC34Ehu.dpuf
Blanquette de Limoux is made from Mauzac and Chardonnay grapes. This dry, creamy-textured, full-bodied sparkling wine has delicate yeasty aromas. Fruity with toasty green apple and lemon tones. The perfect celebratory wine! – See more at: http://store.theorganicwinecompany.com/blanquette-de-limoux-brut-bernard-delmas-p1153.aspx#sthash.OdC34Ehu.dpuf


McManis Wines.

(click “McManis  Wines” above to go to a description page for all their varietals)

Delicious, suprisingly well made and “user friendly” wines from California!  On of our all time best selling brands!



$8.99/btl “net”

When you mention this web deal. or are a current Wineaux Club member

(reg. Suggested full retail, $11.99/btl)

$10.99/btl our in store price

Cabernet Sauvignon; Merlot; Viognier; Chardonnay; Pinot Noir; Malbec; Pinot Grigio; Petite Sirah…and more

2011 Quilceda Creek Columbia Valley Red Wine
$59.99 ($49.80 Full Wineaux Club discounted price*. Any actual discounts maybe be different) a few older vintages available as well.

RADIUS, Washington Wines all $8.99/btl. REG.Suggested Retail $11.99/btl. (only $7.47/btl- $89.64/case with Full Wineaux Club Discounts!!

Regular whole/mixed and 1/2 case discounts apply for everyone else)

RADIUS Chardonnay

Chardonnay: Oak, Apple, Spice, Medium-bodied Washington- Welcoming toasted oak notes swirl around dried apricot, apple cobbler, and baking spice aromas. A rich palate filled with intense fruit and honey. Lingering residual sugar is balanced by acidity for a clean finish. A slight touch of toasty oak peeks thru too.

Merlot: Fresh, Vanilla, Raspberry, Medium-bodied Quite fruit forward and perhaps a touch sweet.

Washington- Flavors and aromas of sweet cherries, ripe red raspberries, succulent plums and vanilla leading to a soft and silky finish. Enjoy with red meats, grilled fish and sharp cheeses.

Radius Wine


Cabernet Sauvignon:Fresh, Black Cherry, Chocolate, Medium-bodied Washington- Aromas and flavors of currant, black cherry and red jammy fruit. Hints of toasty oak lead to a
long finish in this bold wine. Enjoy with red meats, game, sharp cheeses and dark chocolate. Very forward slightly sweet fruit.

Red Blend(We like this Delicious, Soft Easy Drinking Washington Red Blend even better than 14 Hands “Hot To Trot” Red!! But it is somewhat similar) Juicy, Black Cherry, Plum, Medium-bodied Washington- Flavors and aromas of juicy rich black fruit, ripe cherry and hints of toasted vanilla oak lead into a long and tasty finish with lingering fruit notes. Well-balanced with smooth tannins, and slightly sweet/fruit forward.

one of our all time favorite California “Bubblies”! This top notch well made California (Anderson Valley) “Champagne Method” Sparkling wine could hold its own in a line up of Real French Champagne!

Scharffenberger Brut
$15.99/btl “net”*

when you mention this web deal or are a current Wineaux Club member

Reg. in store price $19.99 before discounts.

(Suggested Retail $23.99/btl.)

Scharffenberger Brut Rose’ available too. And its Dry and Delectable!  $23.99/btl. ($19.91 Full Wineaux Club price)



new barnard griffin fume label 2103

WOW, new label! After many years, Barnard Griffin is ditching the “Tulips label”

2013 Barnard-Griffin, Fume’ Blanc
only $7.99 “net price” (reg. $9.99/btl)

When you mention this web deal!

Winemakers Comments:

“Stylish, mineral-infused citrus flavors are backed up by crisp apple and pear notes. Just a flicker
of apricot rises up on the long, stone-tinged finish. A perfect match for steamer clams, oysters on the half shell and
steamed mussels.”


‘09,10, 11 Rhone Reds (and some other older vintages)
$9.99 to $35.99/btl

Chateauneuf du Pape wines from $39.99/btl.


 *”Net” sale prices indicate the bottom-line discount, with no other case, coupon, or Wineaux Club discounts

New Arrivals and Rare, Hard to obtain Wines at The Wine Seller

New Vintages of Leonetti and Quilceda Creek. Those of you who know about these wines, they are the top two “Cult Wines” of Washington State, and some of the most sought after as well.

Your local Wine Seller, besides keeping our prices on these quite fair (especially when purchased as part of a 1/2 or mixed/whole case, or you’re a current Wineaux Club member) gets a fairly decent allocation of these wines (more than many shops, but shhh..don’t tell them…it’ll only make them jealous). Of course, you will rarely if ever see these wines at Safeway, QFC, Costco, Trader Joe’s, BevMo, Total Wines etc. etc. and the like.

These wines are fairly strictly allocated to well-established bottle shops, like The Wine Seller, and “White Table Cloth” restaurants only, as a rule. It generally takes years to get on the lists of these wineries, and then you have quantity purchase requirements, shipping costs, and if you ever decline your year’s shipment, you’re off the list and at the bottom again.. So Wine Not pick up a few bottles of these legendary wines while they are in stock.

We do have some back vintages as well, at slightly higher prices, of course.

Many other rare Washington wines in as well. Five Star Cellars; Walla Walla Vintners; Kontos Cellars; Fielding Hills; Long Shadows Wines; Forgeron; Dubrul Vineyards; Buty and many more.

From Leonetti Cellars:
Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Walla Walla,  $87.15.*/btl. with full Wineaux Club discount (Otherwise $104.99/btl.)

Merlot 2012 Walla Walla, ($74.69*/btl. with full Wineaux Club discount) $89.99/btl. Reg. Full price.

Sangiovese 2011 Walla Walla,  ($62.24* with full Wineaux Club discount)$74.99/btl. Full price. SOLD OUT, Sorry, it went fast this year! Still a few bottles of older vintages though.

Reserve, (Bordeaux Blend) 2011 Walla Walla $159.99/btl Full price ($132.79*/btl. with full Wineaux Club discount)


Quilceda Creek 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon $179.99/btl.($149.39*/btl. with full Wineaux Club discount)

Quilceda Creek Red Wine Blend. 1/3 the price of the famous Cab, and still one hell of a wine!

2008 Red Wine.cdr

Still have older vintages available too. EXTREMELY LIMITED on all these legendary, rare Washington Reds.

* Full Wineaux Gregarious club discounts are 17% off if paid by cash or check.

We list the Full Wineaux Club Discounts to illustrate what your actual cost is or could be, when you are a current member of our Wineaux Gregarious Discount Club, and pay with cash or check.

Wineaux Gregarious Memebers receive 14% off with credit cards and debit cards. debit (we’re working on getting a better deal on debit cards, but discovered those fees are still too high to be able to offer the “Full Wineaux Discounts” with, all the swipe fees, couples with “bank interchange fees” that we noticed coming out every month)

Other discounts for non Wineaux Club members are:

10% off for1/2 case(6bottles)

15% off for whole or mixed cases (with cash or check)

12% off for mixed/whole cases paid for by credit cards or debit cards.

The Wine Seller was established in November 1982, in Port Townsend, Washington, by Joe Euro. For the whole story of the wine seller read more.


Because of The Wine Seller‘s long history in the industry, its inventory depth ranges from excellent value wines in all price ranges to rare and often highly allocated wines. The Wine Seller features many of these wines in our

1st & 3rd Fridays Wine Tastings

(October through June)

held right at the store.

The schedule can be found on the tasting page.



The Wine Seller has been shipping wine to most states for years now. We are an approved Wine Shipper with Fedex. An adult signature will be required at the receiving point.



Parking at The Wine Seller. The Space right in front of The Palace Hotel is a “Motorcycle Spot” but if no Motorcycle is there, and no other spot is near, park there for a few minutes and remember to PUT YOUR  FLASHERS ON!!


Right in front of the Palace Hotel (which is basically right in front of our shop). If there are no motorcycles in the motorcycle spot, just pull in there, if you do not see another parking spot close by.

put your 4-WAYS on!! and pop in for a mixed case or two, or at least to pick up a few bottles of this or that, or those special pre-ordered wines or cases.

Now, that being said, that space is not for parking while you go out to lunch or do other shopping – it’s just for the 2 to 10 minutes or so it takes to pick up your wines, beers, some cheese from our cheese/deli cooler, or quickly mix a case or 2.

corvette in front of shopParking is seldom a problem in this block.


The Wine Seller stocks many premium beers, gourmet cheeses (made locally and beyond), premium coffees by Pegasus, and fine chocolates. More detailed information can be read on the products page.

The Wine Seller’s Founder, Joe Euro, puts together small group journeys, working with tour companies such as Earthbound Expeditions, The Enthusiastic Traveller, and French Barge Adventures Joe puts together himself… to take friends, customers and adventurous travelers on fantastic and remarkable Small Group Journeys.

If you’ve got 6 people that want to do a French Barge trip, contact Joe to have him put it together for you, pilot the barge, make all arrangements, etc. etc.

Stop by the shop or call 360-385-7673 email:joe@PTwineSeller.com


France 10-08 Fred & Ilona's 090

 Stay tuned for other trips. Italy; France; Croatia…who knows??